Rating: 5 stars

Author: Jamie Duclos-Yourdon

Publisher: Forest Avenue Press

First of all, I had no idea what to expect with Froelich’s Ladder. A modern story? A fairy tale or folk tale? Set on the Western Front? With no expectations, i was sucked in from the very first page. This fast-paced, clever novel is ripe with quirky characters, assassins, the wild West, and magic.

Set around the premise of a deep-seated family feud, one brother is cursed to sit on the top of the fourth tallest ladder, until he goes missing. When he disappears into thin air (think clouds), his nephew, Gordy, sets off on a journey against all odds to find his uncle. The two girls he meets along the way, one with the most unfortunate name, the other with little more than a reputation, are strong, audacious and full of spirit. I really enjoyed each of the characters in Froelich’s Ladder and can honestly say that there was not a weak link. Each character was dynamic and full and added body to the story.

I really enjoyed the magical/ folktale aspect of Froelich’s Ladder. It is a pet peeve I have when magic is the solution to every conflict within a story. When a problem arises, the protagonist develops new “powers” or some new form of magic saves it. Froelich’s Ladder did a fantastic job of adding magical elements and themes, but creating conflicts that could be solved through wit and fast-thinking.

This novel is fast-paced, clever, and full of personality. The journey the characters undertake and the problems they must overcome connect them to one another. I would most definitely recommend this novel, and I was sad to see it end.

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